Why The 2017 Ford Super Duty Has The Toughest, Ruffest, Most Rugged Frame

I'll start out by telling you this. The all new Ford Super Duty is ridiculously, insanely, most wickedly strong frame on the market today. I'm talking Kryptonite strength right here. The Blue Oval boys will make every other manufacturer Green with envy.

Why? I'll tell you why. During independent testing this frame, while being suspended in air, withstood the total weight of four F-150s strapped underneath it. Yep, that's over 18,800 lbs, but it gets even more ridiculous. Now eight F-150s, one F-750 Tonka weighing at 13,600 lbs & 8,000 lbs of rigging was put to the test. Guess what? At 60,300 total lbs the frame never buckled once!

In conclusion, if you're needing a superior work truck or if you're planning on surviving a nuclear blast, the Ford Super Duty's high-strength, military grade frame will undoubtedly keep you as safe and as secure as present day Area 51. Stop by Ford of Englewood, Inc. to browse our great inventory.

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