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Take the day off with the Ford Explorer

It's hard to argue that taking the day off can't be a good idea. Why not treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation and venture out to your favorite summer hotspots with a vehicle that's perfectly capable of taking on just about any terrain with ease? Look no further than the 2016 Ford Explorer.

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Beat the heat with the Ford Escape

Sunshine, seashores and sandy feet are a summertime staple for us here at Ford of Englewood. We're willing to bet that you enjoy those days just as much as we do. Traveling safely to each of your favorite shorelines is just as important as the good time you'll have, so that's why we think you should take the wheel of the 2017 Ford Escape.

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Solitude is just around the bend with the Ford Explorer

Ford of Englewood would like to personally congratulate you on making it through the workweek and into Friday. We hope this weekend offers plenty of downtime and maybe a few moments of solitude here and there. The 2016 Ford Escape can certainly help make that a possibility as its perfectly equipped to whisk you away to a special spot of solitude.


Solitary sunrise. 🙏 📷: @sannharvey #Ford #Escape #FordEscape #SUV #sunrise #alonetime #peaceful #meditation

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The Ford Escape is a mean

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The Ford Focus is perfect for date night

Ford of Englewood doesn't condone arguments but we'll make an exception in the 2016 Ford Focus's case. We completely understand why the two brothers in the video below are having it out over who will score the luxury of driving their date in this desirable sedan.

The Ford Focus is certainly something to praise. This good-looking sedan will stun you with its appealing exterior design just as much as its sa

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Adventure is just around the corner with the Ford Explorer

Adventure is always on the horizon when you drive a vehicle as electrifying as the 2016 Ford Explorer. Taking the wheel of this capable and durable SUV is an exciting adventure in and of itself and Ford of Englewood wants you to experience this for yourself.

The Ford Explorer offers a preferable ride to its driver that's hard to find in another model. You'll feel highly…

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Ford Focus Electric: A Convenient EV Option

So, maybe you're a tried-and-true Ford enthusiast. At Ford of Englewood, Inc., that's something we're happy to hear! But maybe you're also interested in exploring your options for alternative fuel. The Ford brand seeks to satisfy drivers everywhere -- no matter their lifestyles.

Want to learn more about the Ford Focus Electric? Check out the video and its accompanying blog entry, featuring long-time Ford driver Wes Plate.

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Kick off 2016 with the Ford Explorer

We can't believe 2016 is already upon us here at Englewood Ford. What will set this year apart from the rest? Perhaps you'll stick with a resolution this year, or take that trip you've always been dreaming about. The 2016 Ford Explorer is ready to show you what adventure really means. Make this year the most memorable yet and change the way you drive while you're at it.

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