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Ford Assuages Your Range-Anxiety Woes with a 610-Mile Range Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid

How far could you get on a single tank of gas? It's a question that bothers you from time to time, as you realize how frequently you take trips to the gas station just from your daily commute, and one that becomes particularly poignant as you plan a road trip, and worry about finding yourself stranded 50 miles from the nearest fuel pump.

A recent Harris Poll, conducted in March 2016…

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Ford Focus Electric: A Convenient EV Option

So, maybe you're a tried-and-true Ford enthusiast. At Ford of Englewood, Inc., that's something we're happy to hear! But maybe you're also interested in exploring your options for alternative fuel. The Ford brand seeks to satisfy drivers everywhere -- no matter their lifestyles.

Want to learn more about the Ford Focus Electric? Check out the video and its accompanying blog entry, featuring long-time Ford driver Wes Plate.

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