When You Say 'Ford Raptor' You'll Have to Be More Specific—Prototype Ranger Raptor is in Testing

Last month, we blogged about the 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor. We called it the 2018 Raptor. The Fast Lane called it the Ford Raptor. In fact, most automotive news, reviews, and off-road enthusiasts just call it "the Raptor."

Everyone knows there's only one model you could be talking about—the inimitable king of trail running and desert racing.

That's about to change.

Ford Australia released a video of a new Ranger Raptor prototype being tested in the outback. The Ranger is Ford's midsize truck, absent from the U.S. for several years, but returning in 2019. In Australia, it has never gone out of production.

So far, it is unclear whether the 2018 Ranger Raptor will be competing with the larger F-150 Raptor in North America, or if it will stay exclusive to the land down under. If it does go on sale here, then we'll have to get used to being more specific about nameplates!

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