The 2017 Ford Fiesta ST is the Fun Car


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The most fun you'll have is behind the wheel of the Ford Fiesta ST. And with its 17-inch Rado Gray-painted aluminum wheels and ST-unique sport suspension, you will definitely turn some heads as you cruise by. And the neighbors -- oh boy, the neighbors will be jealous. Very, very jealous.

It has a powerful EcoBoost engine that gives you that extra oomph that you need to get over hills and just about anywhere with ease. FordPass lets you check your fuel level and even start, unlock, and locate your Fiesta. Say buh-bye to wandering through the parking lot, looking for your car. SYNC 3 makes it easy to navigate on the go and you can even multitask -- all hands-free. Oh, yeah did I mention that this car packs a whopping 197 horsepower under the hood? It sure does. It handles like a dream, too. But you wouldn't expect any less from a Ford.
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