Take Good Care of Your Windshield

If you can't see out of your windshield easily, then you either have too much stuff hanging from your rear view mirror, or your windshield is in bad repair. If it's the latter, then you should get it repaired, pronto. Not only is it dangerous to drive with a windshield that is hard to see out of, but you can even get a ticket and fail a vehicle inspection.

Sometimes, you can avoid having to end up with a badly cracked windshield if you just get rock chips repaired or damages fixed as soon as it happens. A lot of times if you put it off, those dings in your windshield will grow and cost you. Most repairs only take 30 minutes or less, while windshield replacements can take 60 minutes (at least!) and that will cost a lot more, too. So, take care of your windshield and save some money.
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