Choosing the Right Summer Tires

If you live in an area where it consistently gets below freezing, then you can save money by switching between winter and summer tires. You will want to put on the summer tires when the temperature stays above freezing consistently for at least 10 days. Choosing the right summer tire can be tricky. Let these facts guide your decision.

Extreme performance summer tires are great in areas that get very little rain. They are, however, more apt to hydroplane.

Maximum performance summer tires gives you great traction on wet and dry roads. These tires usually improve a car’s performance a little bit.

Touring summer tires are great for those who love a quiet ride. Many drivers find that their vehicle handles more responsively when choosing these tires.

If you have questions about a specific tire, then make sure to ask our tire team. They have the experience to help you choose the tire that is right for you.
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