No Surprises Here: Ford is Still Going Strong

Boy, do I love selling Ford cars.
My customers are happy with their vehicles.  They require minimal maintenance and work, and people love buying American-made.  I’m so glad that Ford doesn’t disappoint with quality.
Before I started selling cars, it always seemed like the divide between Ford and other foreign automakers was massive.
Since then, though, that gap has closed dramatically.  The current Ford fleet most certainly has got it going on.
The Taurus has been an industry staple since the 80s, while the Fusion and the F-150 are fast becoming present-day favorites.  The Mustang, meanwhile, is a superstar sports car that'll seemingly never go out of style.
I can’t tell you how happy I am, personally, about the Reader’s Digest honor.  My customers are going to love to hear that Ford is doing so much for the environment.
I’m so glad, again, that Ford doesn’t disappoint those of us who want to buy American.
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